Gold & God.

Deep in the heart of Mormon Country there is mine founded by many but unique to one man. The Mine is located east of Salem along the Wasatch Range, in the present state of Utah. The mountain range has been formed by normal faulting actions of the Great Basin—The tearing apart of the North American Plate—The Mine’s founder, a dreamer and faithful follower of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, saw and spoke with the same angles who had directed those men to their fame and standing as spiritual leaders years earlier.

The mine is the result of faithful, poverty stricken, millennialist eager to prove and validate their works through tangible means. Dreams were recorded. Dreams lead to actions. Actions became immortalized as divine prophecies. The foundation of a faith grew with each shovel load of overburden. Slowly ancient treasures of knowledge were being exposed, too slowly.

As founder, John Hyrum Koyle, aged the narrative of his faith began to change at a different rate. Soon he found himself on the opposite side of a religion he had devoted everything to, his life to. Excommunicated and exiled, Koyle never saw his mine come in. He and his family became pariahs in the community. His dream became the butt of jokes. A relic, warning, to the dreamless masses of conformity.

It is my desire to see Koyle’s dream realized. To see that his story is told fairly without guile through illustrated and visual means. It is my desire to see that the mine deliver up its gold. I will settle for nothing less. Help me tell the story of the dream through illustrations and paintings.

Donate to the cause. Any amount you can will help. The target amount for this portion of the project is $5000. Currently 1/5 of the way there. Individuals who contribute $100 or more will receive framed prints. For more information email